Small IoT Device for Predictive Maintenance

Advanced Monitoring Cube

With its small footprint and lightweight design, P-Cubes are the best solution for Predictive Maintenance (PdM) systems and equipment monitoring. With its long-lasting battery and advanced sensors, it does not need advance setup and can work out of the box. P-Cubes collect your machine information and syncs them automatically with our Cloud. Through its continuous stream of data, it can provide you with a detailed breakdown of the health and efficiency of systems.


Ensuring that temperature collected is healthy and is at an acceptable threshold

Built To Work

P-Cubes are designed to work out of the box. After registering the cube to our online Cloud Software, it starts working and sending information.

Advanced Sensors

No cables, wires, or technicians are required to set up the P-Cube. It would start working when you attach it to your machinery and equipment.

Powerful Battery

With our dedicated application, add as many devices as you like to your account with a breeze. Connecting your devices has never been easier.

Setup & Go

P-Cubes works out of the box with no configurations. With the most reliable software, a lasting battery life, and great performance it is ready to take off.

Automatic Syncing

P-Cubes automatically transfers the collected data to your Cloud account, so you don’t have to worry about missing any details.

What It Includes