Cloud Software

A Mixture of AI and Dashboard

Constant Monitoring

Predicta4’s smart AI Cloud Software monitors all device data, as each P-Cube syncs directly with our solution. As soon as a device is added, the Cloud Software starts to over-view the status of your machines without any more setup. You can view detailed historical data, alerts, and reports on our Online Dashboard. The Dashboard tool is designed to assist you to better understand your asset life and predicts failures automatically for you.

Live Historical Data

As soon as the configuration and setup are done, the product is ready to perform

Dashboard Solution

Predicta4’s Dashboard allows you to have access to the information you require quickly. You can view detailed historical data, alerts, and reports on our Dashboard. With expandable setup and services we provide, you can easily control your company domains and devices through our online application.

Control Devices

See the status of your Sensor devices, and turn them off or on. You can add, or remove these devices directly from the Dashboard.

Multi User Based

Provide your maintenance team with accounts to access the dashboard and receive notifications on different domains.

Multiple Domains

Have multiple locations? With our domain and factory plan solution, we can assist you to design a complete map of all your factory and location of P-Cubes on different domains.