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P-CUBE 203: Smart Wireless Vibration/Temperature Sensor (Pack of 3)


P-Cube 203 is a smart wireless vibration/temperature sensor. It can be used for machinery vibration monitoring and analysis. By using P-Cube 203 you can detect imbalance, misalignment, looseness, and bearing wear faults for your rotating machines. P-Cube 203 allows you to evaluate your asset health and improve its uptime by providing you with actionable insights.

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P-CUBE 203 Smart Wireless Vibration/Temperature Sensor

P-Cube is a high resolution Wireless Vibration Sensor that monitors asset health easily, flexibly, and accurately. Install this wireless condition monitoring tool and begin gathering data immediately. Use this wireless vibration sensor to remotely monitor rotating machines in your plant. This can include machines that are installed in hard to reach places and hazardous areas that are usually skipped from condition monitoring programs. Be alerted to any change in your machine condition with our Alert System that constantly monitors and watches your machine.

Monitor vibration measurements to detect imbalance, misalignment, looseness, bearing wear, gear defects and much more faults. Predicta4 vibration monitoring system grades your asset health and improves uptime by giving you actionable insights.

Remote Vibration Monitoring

P-Cube, as a remote wireless vibration sensor, gathers data constantly and synchronize it with our cloud servers to enable remote vibration monitoring through “Predicta4’s online Dashboard” to measure health of assets and provide warning and trip for your asset. Predicta4 Platform, including P-Cube and Dashboard, is a vibration analysis equipment that help you get results out of your wireless vibration monitoring program.

Mounting Method

Different varieties of mounting are supported by P-Cube, including magnet, epoxy (adhesive) or stud mounting. The preferred mounting method is stud mounting which provides more reliable and consistent vibration data.

Easy Setup

Predicta4 EasySetup App is a mobile phone application designed to provide a quick and smooth setup process. This will make the setup process easy without the need for a certified mechanical or electrical technician.  P-Cube, your state-of-the-art vibration sensor, also does not need any wiring or power cable. It works using a rechargeable battery and sends data directly to the cloud server using Wi-Fi.

Cloud-based Vibration Monitoring System

Predicta4 Dashboard provides a dedicated online vibration monitoring portal for your team to get a meaningful insight for each asset and quickly analyze and locate failed assets across plants. High visible floor plans and an online alert system bring visibility and notifications via emails and phones if an asset behaves unexpectedly; allowing the technician to find the faulty asset quickly and take the remedial action to resolve the fault.

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